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 Leaders with superior project-management skills do more than manage individual projects.  At Analytics Media, project managers are on the forefront of ensuring our clients profit and revenue goals are met.  We help build your business all around to meet industry standards and achieve goals that are in alignment with your business model.  At Analytics Media, we understand how to work with any client to suprass their expectations.  Successful project managers are highly motivated, result-oriented, and disciplined.  Most importanly, our project maangers understand and live the entrepeneurial spirit that makes Analytics Media a leader in great service.


Below is a list of some of our consultancy engagements and the solutions we've found for our clients.  Peruse around, and if you want to find out more about how we may be able to help us, drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out our contact form and someone will get back to you shortly!



Client: Darigold dba WestFarm Foodscowpic

Industry: Cheese and Dairy Manufacturer/Distributor

Business Need:  Darigold's finance team had become fragmented with over 20 employees doing cash management out of state in their Portland office while the rest was done at HQ in Seattle.  Costs associated with this infrastructure, coupled with these roles being unionized  and staff overhead spiraling, had created a multi million dollar deduction managment problem and ad hoc processes were not in place.


Solution: Identified, developed and launched a centralized digital imaging system for company bill of ladings, that cut headcount costs by 80% and reduced deductions by over 90% saving the company over half a million dollars in the first year of implementation.  Furthermore logistically relocated vital staff roles to Seattle Headquarters from their original Portland location and de-unionized all roles through new jobs, automation and condensing overall responsibilities to reduce headcount.







Client: Who's Calling

Industry: High Tech Online Fax Services

Business Need:  Who's Calling was experiencing rapid growth in their Telecom analytics sector, however sales retention of new clients was  declining at a disturbing 67% rate on customer annual renewals.  Moreso,  many clients although happy with the product were not paying completely on first year contracts.


Solution:  Researched, identified and implemented CRM tool enhancements that provided greater insight into sales and marketing efforts amongst client base.  Collaboratively worked with Experian and D&B to implement ad hoc credit screening module that integrated with SalesForce.  Also managed a complete overhaul of licensing and use agreements that redued customer churn by 54% in the first year of being implemented.








Client: Microsoft Advertising formerly known as aQuantive

Industry: Digital Marketing Services

Business Need:  aQuantive had recently gone through multiple acquisitions and was working with various ERP's that were cumbersome and costly to manage.


Solution:  Managed the merging of multiple systems into one ERP (Oracle) with a emphasis on finance/receivables.  By consolidating systems client was more successful in monitoring overall exposure of credit and receivables and improved revenue collections by 68% within the first 6 months of being implemented.  Furthemore, worked with marketing and sales to design a universal sales agreement that held all B2B customers to same payment and contractual standards.